About Me

I want to show people how to live a quarantined life during Covid. Below is a bio about me…

It gives you an over view of you I am personally and business. However what I want you to know is I am a mom of 3, married to an amazing man. My life has gotten extremely better during Covid. I have chose this time to become the best version of my self for my family. I want to help empower you to get through the ups and downs. I have lost alot of people personally and professional. My mom, dad, and sister all died 9 years apart. I am a victim of abuse, divorce, obesity, doubt, fear, and uncertainty. I had gastric sleeve 2 years ago and have lost over 100lbs. Today I follow a Keto lifestyle, coach for Maps, team leader (rain maker)of a large expansion team for Keller Williams called the Griffin Group. I have lost everything and rebuilt. Ran a team for many years that was not profitable. We are today! This blog will share with you real life. How you can live at home during covid and have a great life. Strengthen your family, business, and most of all you! Thank you for being part of this journey. I will share stories of faith, family, and my personal and professional growth. Stay Safe!

Christina Griffin is in the top 1% of all real estate agents in the United States, with an illustrious career in distressed properties that has spanned nearly two decades. Christina entered the world of real estate as a bright-eyed and determined 18 year-old, managing a 650 unit community while balancing motherhood. She has always displayed unparalleled leadership qualities and the hunger to succeed, both of which earned her the #53 spot on The Wall Street Journal/REAL Trends Top 1,000 Individual Agent List in 2016, amongst her countless accolades, including being the recipient of an Elder Award and nominated for Tampa Bay Business Journal Woman of the Year Award in 2016. She has over 4,000 closings under her belt, and her properties average only 45 days on market, with a list-to-sale price ratio of 96%. She specializes in all aspects of the distressed properties field,and made history by creating and leading the first short sale department with her prior company.  But when you get to the core of who Christina Griffin is, you realize, all of her awards and accolades pale in comparison to the power she possesses within. They say success is not measured by the end destination, but by how many obstacles an individual has overcome to reach said destination. By this definition, Christina Griffin is the epitome of success.

There is no teacher like adversity, and Christina lives by the notion that failure is not an option.  She lost her mother to cancer at the tender age of nine years old,went through abuse at the same time, and her father passed away just nine years later when she was 18. While many would buckle under such misfortune, Christina stepped up to the plate and attained custody of her 16 year old sister. Forgoing college to assume the role as her sister’s guardian, Christina has always put family first. During this time, Christina also got married and became a mother to two beautiful children. At the age of 21, being the guardian of her sister and the mother to two small children did not stop Christina from selling 50+ properties a year during her early years, and she currently averages well over 500 properties annually. Christina always assumed management positions, and her fervor, drive, empathy, and people skills always set her apart from the competition.

As with most Americans, the housing crisis during the first decade of the new millennium rocked Christina at her core, and during this time she lost everything–including her sister to a drunk driver. Once again, like the warrior she is, Christina channeled her misfortunes into new possibilities for personal and professional growth. What keeps her going? Her why–which has always been her family and helping those who depend on her. According to Christina, “when your why is bigger than your problems, you have no choice but to keep moving forward!” Christina is a commanding presence who is not afraid to take charge. She is a powerhouse of marketing, finding opportunities, and helping others achieve their fullest potential. Christina firmly believes in facilitating a sense of community in any environment of which she is a part. Christina Griffin continues to go above and beyond in her practice, and her incredible problem-solving personality is well-balanced with her care and empathy for others. Christina is integrity and perseverance personified, and she is the cream of the crop at creating and maintaining fruitful relationships that boost everyone involved.

            As a firm advocate for the importance of family, Christina feels a personal commitment to cultivating communities and fostering home ownership. With distressed properties brings distressed families, and the key to Christina’s success and longevity is her compassion for her fellow human beings. In between being a mother, a top-selling agent, and a wife, she finds the time in her packed schedule to give back to her community; her charitable involvement ranges helping the homeless. Christina is a cancer survivor, a proud mother, and shifting markets expert. Her strengths lie in teaching others how to master their thinking to achieve success. She is the epitome of “fall nine times, get up 10!” So, what is her secret? According to Christina, “Success is yours if you are willing to work for it unyieldingly. Be coachable and be humble.  Take control of what is in your control, and do not waste any energy on the uncontrollable. Don’s see a door? Make one! Where others see obstacles, see opportunity! Setbacks reveal your weak-points and allow you to adjust your game plan. Always make a Plan A and a Plan B—and a Plan C through Z. Failure is never an option.”