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It’s said that an aid group in South Africa once wrote to missionary and explorer David Livingstone, “Have you found a good road to where you are? If so, we want to know how to send other men to join you.” Livingstone replied, “If you have men who will come only if they know there is a good road, I don’t want them. I want men who will come even if there is no road at all.” That’s what top leaders want from the people working for them: they want individuals who are willing to do what others won’t.

I have been on a mission for self-improvement for my family and our future. John Maxwell has a daily reader I am committed to reading daily and applying the principles in my life. Today is day one. Today I was asked by another realtor why I work so hard… And my first thought was. I have made so many mistakes and failed. Land on my butt, been judged, and did the wrong thing. I feel like I have so much time to make up for. If something happens to me my family will not be okay was also my thought. We have a choice during this pandemic – Be a victim or a victor. I choose to be a woman who will fail – however will keep moving forward. My mission is to create a future legacy for my family and help develop others and impact lives.

Today I failed at a lot! And had many break throughs.
First and foremost I will not wax my own mustache any more.
As you can tell from below… I burnt my lip.
Yes, I said wax my mustache – I am an Italian female. (That should say it all)

Today I woke up at 4am – and had a full day.
The photo is a picture of me sending my ALC in my main market center  – I was asked how I claimed so many leads today from OPCity. I have 2 phones. And a desk full of technology. As well as a competitive streak….

Few things gain the appreciation of a top leader more quickly than an employee with a whatever-it-takes attitude. They must be willing and able to think outside of their job description, to be willing to tackle the kinds of jobs that others are too proud or too frightened to take on. Few things are more frustrating for a leader than having someone refuse to do a task because it is “not his job.” (In moments like those, most of the top leaders I know are tempted to invite such people to be without a job altogether!) Good leaders don’t think in those terms. They understand the Law of the Big Picture from The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: “The goal is more important than the role.” A 360-Degree Leader’s goal is to get the job done, to fulfill the vision of the organization and its leader. That often means doing whatever it takes. As a leader “moves up,” that more often takes the form of hiring someone to get it done, but leaders in the middle often don’t have that option. So instead, they jump in and get it done themselves. —The 360° Leader CULTIVATE A WHATEVER-IT-TAKES ATTITUDE.

I love that John talks about above the whatever it takes attitude.
I am a wife and a mom first.
Today I woke up at 4:15am  – Coffee and devotional until 5am
5am – 6:30am is reserved time with my husband.
Coffee and we exercise (walking is our preferred so we can talk)
Above John Maxwell talks about doing whatever it takes.

That is what we have done… We both wanted a stronger marriage and this time we have together with no interruptions has truly brought us closes in the last four months.

Below is a photo of my 5 year old… Needless to say as soon as we came in from our walk he was up…

Ready to play and party. We went for a run. The pure innocence of his photo below makes my heart smile.

What do you do to connect with you kids??? I am willing to do whatever it takes to run a business and fulfill my marital duties. Mom, wife, cooking, and being present as much as possible… You can have it all if you are willing to do.

whatever it takes.
I had a full day of meetings, recruits, and challenges.
Prepared for a big day on the 9th – a webinar with several thousand teaching them about one of my passions preforeclosures.
Wow – gotta love my burnt lip.. Again no more waxing.

Below is my beautiful daughter. I am so proud of her she is working part time for us doing marketing, working to be a CAN, currently doing home health, and going to school.

Needless to say we are very much alike. A fight occurred really bad because she did not want her dog to stay overnight at the doggy daycare so I could have an undistracted webinar with no barking dog on the 9th. It got to a point that words were said that hurt both of us. And we went to bed angry. I need to find better ways to communicate with her. She is so passionate and stubborn. Tonight I am going to bed with her on my mind. As leaders in our household and in our business we can not please everyone. However learning to adapt and communicate differently to others is very important. And I have learned this the hard way. Not everyone can be communicated with the same. And the people closest to you. Knowing the best way to communicate and grow with them is very important. Today was a mom and leadership lesson. In many ways.

Communicate early, plan early, let your family and leadership team know about important days early. I WON AT MANY THINGS TODAY.. But I failed in the mom arena with her. Tomorrow is a new day.   

Before I close my eyes tonight… 
I thank god for the wisdom and strength.
And no matter what – The moments that bring strength and happiness we should always hold onto. After my mom fight – I escaped to the pool with my little one you can see below.

I encourage everyone… No matter how good, bad, or emotional your day was to remember tomorrow is a new day. And remember this amazing bible verse below.

John 13:34 

“I give you a new commandment—to love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.

Failure is not an option….
Thank you for reading my journey.
Until tomorrow.

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