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Covid fear of going in public

Covid fear of going in public

Fear of Covid

Today my day started at 5 AM. Devotional on my Bible app. Bulletproof coffee. – Mine consist of dark roast coffee, 1 teaspoon of organic coconut oil, a splash of heavy whipping cream blended in my vita mix. With a little heavy whipping cream on top and some cinnamon. What does your morning routine look like?

Slept absolutely horrible last night my husband bought a bed topper 😫. He was so excited he ordered this topper weeks ago. Honey it’s going to be the best bed topper.  We’re going sleep so great! Well…. I didn’t.  I wonder if it has to do with the bed topper or the five-year-old that continuously crawls into our bed in the middle of the night. 🥺

I don’t know about you I’m a stomach sleeper had to get up and use the bathroom every two hours. I’m on day four of keto down 4 pounds. So that was probably the reason 😂😳. I had gastric sleeve and eat really well for the most part however I found out that the saltine crackers I eat regularly or 39 carbs for every pack I walk around like a grown toddler and eat a half a pack a day. It’s amazing what happens when you cut small things. Thankful to Cheesete Cowan one of my amazing team members that’s running a keto challenge for the month. Learning so many things that I did not know that I plan on sharing. Including recipes.

Such a power pack today. Walked 3 miles, coaching calls, Listing master mind with my team, and to Listing referrals. And all of that was done prior to 10 AM.Including making up my five-year-old, myself and Hubby breakfast. My breakfast consist and having one fried egg and two pieces of bacon.

So the rest of my day gets interesting. Even more. I don’t know about you I’m self-employed I do not have dental insurance. Had to get a root canal a few weeks ago and my temporary bridge has cracked in half multiple times. Needless to say I am getting very intimate with the dentist office they are doing an incredible job. When you walk in you have to get your temperature checked, get your temperature checked, fill out a questionnaire, and they have limited people in the office at one time. They’re called Orange Grove dental. you’re a complete class act! $4500 to get a root canal and a bridge. My only option was to pay it out of pocket, finance it, or rip my tooth out. 😭The day before this happen I had a surprise deal close and guess what it was $4500. I’m learning as my faith grows that everything truly does happen in gods timing. Needless to say we are in rolled in dental insurance now even though we have a six month waiting period for procedures. Always better to prepare.

Dentist office… I am thinking those red glasses behind me would look great

OK I promise I’m almost done with my play-by-play for the day. Went and visited my favorite restaurant as soon as they opened. To pick up takeout for hubby. Hid in a back corner where no one was. First person in the restaurant. Needless to say I have extreme fear of going out in public. For those that do not know my story yet I have experience tons of loss. And my greatest fear is dying I feel selfish sitting here waiting for take out. Quarantine life we will be hunkering down for the next 30+ days. Over 10,000 casesb in Florida alone yesterday. Follow me for tips, strategies, and an unfiltered mom of three life, coach, running a business, and leading my best life becoming the best version of myself for my family . 

Feeling guilty out to eat by self at favorite restaurant – WORRIED about this crazy virus

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