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Day off… No guilt. Relaxed and enjoyed every minute.

I do not remember myself every laughing like this

Took almost the entire day off felt amazing.
My husband has been having fun capturing me in off-the-cuff moments he caught me this morning coming in from exercising and I was dancing at 6:30 am 😂😂

Awesome Buisness planning session.
I made an awesome avocado scramble, cheesecake keto crêpes, cauliflower macaroni and cheese and steak/chicken. Multiple National Geographic projects with my five-year-old/hubby and pool time. What is your favorite thing that you’re doing currently during quarantine life? My goal is to make the most out of each and every day.

Cream cheese crepes

4 ounces of full fat cream cheese, 4 ounces of eggs, 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract, two packets of Stevia in a blender.

Monster large omelette was for my husband

I added fruit on his crepes. My breakfast was one egg fried, one piece of turkey sausage, a piece of sautéed onion, and a half of avocado mixed. Reminded me of avocado bowl at Los Dos Cristianos Coffee. with an old friend.

Today several moments really made me miss relationships that I use to feel very close to… My question to you today? How do you know a friend is a friend? I do know my life has less stress feeling like I have to bed to be in relationship or please certain people. That I never measure up. I need a tribe….. Someone that loves me for me… Right now I truly have that in my relationship with my family and god. How about you???

After a long week and tons of amazing accomplishments. I feel stronger than ever. Today I took time to recharge. Love, relax, coach one of the amazing clients I mentor on an early morning business plan. Through adversity I truly feel the strength inside me.

One of my kids asked me mom… Why are you writing this blog you haven’t even shared it with anyone. Its because if I can give one of you strength to get what you are going through or your past then its worth it!

For anyone that takes the time to stop by. Thank you. I hope you know you are special and can do anything! If I can.. You can.

Love you dearly Christina Griffin


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Hi. Here is Christina Griffin. I am from Tampa florida

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