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Do I have Covid??

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So, this will be a new daily habit.

My I guess you would call it my walk and talk video blog, and that. For me, this is just an easy way to be able to share undistracted. We have quarantine life going on right now. In our world, and lots of craziness happening. Video for some reason is still super uncomfortable for me. Doing it off the cuff. So hopefully this will just be real and authentic, and you guys will be able to relate so this is my first one.

Walk and talk blog first one Covid

And what I would tell you is, I did not sleep very well. I had a completely off week.

I had an injury this week I ended up going to the doctors on Tuesday because the pain was so bad and he said, I sprained my rib. My first thought is, it is maybe my gallbladder or something like that. Because I had gastric sleeve about two years ago. Doctor kind of chuckled and said, Nope, it is on the other side.

I have been extremely, extremely cautious and the reason why I’ve been cautious is for those of you that follow me you’ll know my story. If not, please read my blog profile, had a lot of loss. My mom dad sister all died nine years apart cancer. Tons of weight loss. I was almost 400 pounds when my son was born. And I have a lot of fear. I do not have life insurance. So, life insurance is something that we were unable to get. When I got cancer.

I am afraid I don’t want anything to happen to me, because I don’t believe my kids, or my husband would be okay, or my business because my business is not ready to go on without me. I am working really hard to make that happen. So, anyway, let me get to my point. I have been in a journey for getting healthy. Physically I feel better. I have lost almost 30 pounds since COVID. And my marriage is better. My family is better. I get more done, but it’s kind of weird I’ve been having these weird health things pop up.

Had to get a root canal, so I only left the house for that. And it’s really just been doctor’s appointments I actually had another root canal up on the top, that I was supposed to get next week.

I have been working through the processes to be able to get life insurance did an EKG and it showed a slight irregularity. And so the doctor wanted me to get it checked out so found a heart doctor close to where I live, and went through a lot of series of different test with a heart doctor. About a week and a half ago I was there. And I was there on Tuesday. To get a heart rate monitor. Wednesday I got an echocardiogram. So, yesterday Friday. I had to get a stress test and walked into the doctor’s office and somebody met me outside. And
they said you cannot go in, unless you sign this waiver. Okay, what is the waiver for, well multiple people here that work here came down with COVID that you have likely been in touch with involved with.
And we can’t be liable if you’re going to come in and do your appointment. If you get COVID. So first and foremost. My gut was this, this doctor’s office was not following normal protocol. Every time I was there a question to my gut was the first time I should leave.

So my question to you on this post is.
Do you follow your gut? I must follow my gut. My gut seems to never be wrong. And we’ll talk more about that in days to come.

So, my gut was.
They don’t check temperatures, they don’t sign waivers. They do not follow the six feet guidelines. I had my mask on. I bring gloves hand sanitizer. Do not touch anything, barely breathe use my shirt to open doors. Shower when I get home leave my shoes outside. However, I questioned the doctor’s office, multiple times. Their response was, it’s too difficult to manage the protocol. Every time I was there, I said it just does not feel right.

So, I had to go get a COVID test yesterday. And I was highly emotional.
It felt like the time when I was diagnosed with cancer, in the doctors parking lot. I fell to my knees, and I cried for a while, and I just have this immense fear that something’s going to happen to me. I am human. I am a mom. I am working really, really hard to create a life for my family and the people in my world and help as many people as possible. And I had to go get a Covid test. I am supposed to have results tomorrow. I have only told my leadership, and my family. (NOW YOU)

Be careful, because doctor’s office should be following protocol. It should be a safe space, do not take anything for granted. And just know that I really believe that God has a plan. I will not be going back to the doctor’s office. And I hope many others don’t because they did not follow the procedure that they should have.

However, I just pray that I don’t come up positive. And if I do it leaves my body quickly without much damage. So, there you go. My first walk and talk video blog.

And thank you, if you made it the entire way. It is my first one, and I look forward to following this journey, many people know that I’m in real estate, I’ll have different post in different playlist and blog sections about that. But it’s been really on my heart to share my story. Share the things that we’re doing, from homeschooling a five year old, to cooking Hello fresh, and creating a great environment at home for family.

I have left the house five times in the last four months just to go to doctors’ offices.

I am at risk for infecting my entire family.
Stay safe.

Failure is not an option,

Love your dearly Christina Griffin

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