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Down 200++ pounds and happy!


It’s crazy stepped on the scale today I am down 208 pounds.

Cannot believe sometimes the journey I have been on

103 pounds since 2017

Since I had my son Trevor down 208lbs total.

It’s amazing what happens when you become part of a world that helps you become the best version of yourself.

Launching my first group course it starts tomorrow with our amazing company. Profitable Happy Excited to wake up each and every day.

Cancer free Truly thankful for Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Awesome coach Jeanne Osness And Gary Keller!

My awesome family… Sean Griffin Janie Currier

Coaches and mentors MAPS Coaching Leadership

Lucaya Griffith Ruiz Bo Draughon and Gracie Obed Chico and support Staff.

My incredible team Griffin Group

 And more importantly my relationship with God that has gotten extremely strong on so many levels

 Thank you thank you Mo Anderson for a year ago telling me I needed to be more in the word and Cheesette Cowan for your weekly Bible study that we have been holding.

So incredibly impactful.

I’ve made so many mistakes, Learned so much, Failed and failed and fell flat on my face.

My heart is so incredibly full. This is a gratitude post on every level.

 Thank you thank you Jamie Adair for your gratitude challenge.

Thank you for everyone that has been part of my journey.

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Hi. Here is Christina Griffin. I am from Tampa florida

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