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Good morning!  I am tired this morning for some reason. Yesterday, we threw a surprise birthday party for my daughter’s boyfriend who is a great young man and he loves the Lord. I cooked, worked all day, and passed out hard and bad. I just wanted to share a few things with you that were important and from my heart. So, I truly believe that each and every one of us needs to be solutions-oriented especially during these trying times without forgetting the global pandemic. So, my John Maxwell reader was right on point today, where it says that problems, either stop us or stretch us. Problems either hurt you or help you, depending on how you approach them; they stop you from succeeding or stretch you. So, you not only overcome them but also become a better person in the process. The choice is yours. Do problems. Stop, or stretch you. And this is something else I wanted to share. What are you giving up in order to improve yourself? This is just something I want you to think about.

I haven’t really given up a lot and I feel like I’ve gained so much. I’m a mom, with three kids, two cats, one dog. I have a large team. And I’m just figuring these out, each and every day. We’re not perfect. Yesterday, I got an interesting message from somebody asking if I can let go of one of my leaders that works for me. I haven’t spoken to them in quite some time. All we were looking for was someone to help come in and help hold our agents accountable, more of a productivity coach director of sales. And I’m sharing this. When you haven’t spoken to somebody for a while, you should actually see how they’re doing, and not go straight to the negative. I am very solutions-oriented and surrounded by so many agents and so many people in general. Right now, they go to the negativity. But there is a solution to everything. I’m in real estate and everyone’s a buyer. Everyone’s a seller. Everyone’s a renter and they all need a home to live in. It’s just our job to help deliver and find solutions.

My five-year-old is going to school, starting next week, via online, zoom, due to the pandemic. Never thought my baby would be starting kindergarten, watching his teacher through a TV screen. However, we have solutions in place to help support him through it. Guys, I know a lot is going on in the world right now. You can lead as big of a life as you want. And you dream and you desire. You just have to get up every day and do the necessary things that you need to do to overcome the challenges and create solutions, not let the negativity affect you and just be there for your family and just know if you have a bad day it’s okay to reset.

 Have a great day and I will post again soon.

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