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I am following God’s plan and path


Cancer free 4 years ago today

I am following God’s plan and path.

Blessed beyond belief

we are healthy

thankful for my incredible family

all the special people in my world

The amazing company I am with. @kellerwilliamsrealty

my amazing team & mentors

many people have asked why I am being so careful during Covid. For those that don’t know my story.

abuse, my mom dying when I was nine of cancer, my dad dying when I was 18 in a boating accident, my sister dying when I was 27 in a drunk driving accident, divorce,Three amazing kids, amazing hubby,beat cancer my mom died from, gastric sleeve,lost 100+ pounds.

needless to say I’m extremely cautious. Very blessed. Thankful for my incredible team and all of the awesome people in my world.

can’t wait to hit the five year mark so I can get really awesome life insurance. #covid19#momof3#blessed#cancerfree

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Hi. Here is Christina Griffin. I am from Tampa florida

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