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I am negative and do not have Covid

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Had a great weekend.

So, I first wanted to start off with saying that this week is going to be absolutely amazing. I am doing a full sugar detox. I was in Keto, and I let myself become a victim, the last few days. I started off my Monday with the left side of my body had such an enormous pain that I can barely breathe, or asleep and went to a walk-in clinic. And they told me that I sprain my left rib. Nothing else was wrong other than that. After that I went to a heart doctor appointment, due to an EKG coming back, irregular. I have not left the house other than for a doctor’s appointment. My mom, my sister and my dad all died nine years apart. I had cancer. I beat it. And I’ve lost 100 plus pounds. I have no life insurance. My business is not ready for something to happen to me. It will not go on if something happens to me. I probably have a lot of fear, more so than most people with COVID. Actually no, I shouldn’t say that. I think all of us have gone through different stages of Covid, fear, or not really letting it sink in me. Mine has been immense fear. I’ve only left my house due to doctor’s appointment.  And one of the leaders in my group I am so thankful for it was his birthday.

Emotional thoughts about Covid

I let myself become a victim, this week. I let myself get out of ketosis. I let myself not be as productive as normal. I went to the doctor’s appointment for a follow up. And they stopped me before I went in and they said you can’t come in, unless you sign a waiver. And my first question was why and they said that because a few people who worked there which I have come in contact with were diagnosed with Covid. And I have to release all liability. Needless to say I left the doctor’s office and did not go inside. I am probably the most careful person I know and I brought it into my house. I found this out late Friday. And I’ve been in fear ever since, until I just received a call that I’m negative and no COVID.

Guys, please use this as a lesson. I was at this doctor’s office. And I said to them multiple times while I was there: “You guys aren’t following procedure. People aren’t social distancing even”.

When I went to my dentist and I got a root canal. There, I had to wear booties and they checked my forehead. Their response for multiple times was it’s too difficult to manage. I knew, and I should have went with my gut, that something was wrong. However, I didn’t go with my gut. And I was right.

All I would say is, this may be small, to you. You may think I’m crazy.

But go with your guts. Be careful. Follow procedure. I don’t know about you.

I can’t wait till I get to go back to a movie theater or see friends in Austin and get on a plane without worrying. Until we all do our part. It’s not going to happen for quite some time. This doctor’s office, didn’t follow procedure. I went to a cardiologist, to make sure I was better for my family and my biggest fear happens. Again, you may think I’m crazy. You may be going out. You may have people that have lost their life due to COVID. But I was there to check out my heart, my health.

And my greatest fear happened. I was turned away from an appointment. Because, people that work there had it. I am so careful that I travel with gloves. I travel with multiple masks; I travel with hand sanitizer. I don’t touch anything. I’m really one of those neurotic people that people probably chuckle at. However, me being that way. I allowed my test to come back negative. So, I hope you were able to learn, or have a little value, be a little extra careful.
And I’m going to be even more cautious, so please be careful. And I don’t know about you, when you walk up to a doctor’s office, and a place you’re supposed to trust. And they say you can’t come in because people you’ve interacted with probably interacted with you, and they have been diagnosed for COVID. I held my breath the last two days, and I’m negative.

I’m so thankful.

Anyway, till tomorrow. Have a great night

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