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The human mind has a tremendous amount of power in our lives. That which holds our attention determines our actions. Because of that, where we are today is the result of the dominating thoughts in our minds. And the way we think determines what our attitudes are.

What do you do to wake up every day and help your attitude?
And your mental mindset?
For me I’m up at 4:15 I light a candle. Sit at my kitchen table. Brew a cup of Starbucks dark roast blended with coconut oil and stevia.

Bullet proof coffee – Starbucks dark roast, teaspoon of coconut oil, 2 stevia packets, and a splash of heavy cream

Below is a walk-through of the Bible app.
And my routine every morning to help my mindset and great start of the day.

Walk through of the Bible App and my morning devotional

Below is the scripture for the day. A few months ago I had a phone call with Mo Anderson. She told me I needed to get in the word and truly study the Bible and I will tell you. It has been monumental for me. And clarity. Growing closer to God. The streak on the Bible app makes it easy and convenient and fun

The good news is that you and I can change that. You can control your thoughts, and because of that, you can control your attitude. Let’s do an experiment that will show you what I mean. Take a moment to think about the place where you live. No problem. You decided to think about it, and you did it. Next, imagine for a moment that the place where you live has burned to the ground, and everything in it is gone. What kind of emotional response did you have? Maybe you were sad because many irreplaceable things would have been lost in a fire. Maybe you were happy because your current living situation is terrible and a fresh start would do you good. The point is that your thinking prompts your emotion. That’s key, and here’s why: Major premise: We can control our thoughts. Minor premise: Our feelings come from our thoughts. Therefore: We can control our feelings by changing how we think. Why is that important? Because your attitude is your emotional approach to life. It’s the framework through which you see events, other people, even yourself. That’s why I believe the saying,

This is so incredibly powerful above.
For so many years I begged people to be in relationship with me I didn’t really understand what I was doing. I’ve had so much loss in my life my mom, my sister, my dad, had a miscarriage, abuse, cancer, and friends. So I guarded my heart. And did not understand what I was doing. I believe I was trying to do whatever it took to not lose anything additional. Brené Brown’s Netflix Special was so eye-opening in so many ways. I have read dare to lead Weekly for the last four months. It truly has made me stronger. Below is my absolute favorite quote.

“You are not what you think you are, but what you think . . . you are.” —The Difference Maker HOW ARE THE DOMINATING THOUGHTS

I want to end this post with sharing with you my daily affirmation. I read the bible and follow the bible app… However the affirmation and saying it our loud truly helps my mental mindset…

Some days I say it multiple times a day.

I highly recommend an affirmation if you do not have one keep it short..

You can start over today if you choose to!

Today I will be strong in my faith. 

Everyday I start with a devotional and quiet time. 

However affirmations are important – 

Below is an example of mine. 
I am worthy of love and joy.  
I deserve success and happiness.  
I will find moments of peace and calmness throughout my day.  
I am a loving wife, mom, friend, and boss! 
I am a great leader! 
I am physically fit and maintain my body, mind, and soul.  
I deserve to love fully and to be loved without limits.  
I am going to take deep breaths and close my eyes today and manifest my life, my dreams, and pave the way for my journey to bring abundant fun and love into my universe.  
Today is going to be another great day!  
I believe in you! Believe in yourself…And lets start the week new, refreshed, and ready to do what ever it takes to fulfill your dreams and goals…. Thank you again for following my journal.. Love you dearly – Christina Griffin

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