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Morning Routine


I have been asked many times what my morning routine is. I’ve been up since 4:15am.

I make my dark roast with heavy cream.
This devotional john Maxwell, I have been reading every morning. Below is the link to find at amazon.

This want to say one of the highlights. So, this one is about being prepared. So, if you want to prepare yourself so you can help your team as it faces the challenges ahead and think about the following so it goes through exercises on assessment alignment, attitude, and action.

Then I go to leadership. This has been really amazing I have been reading the John Maxwell daily reader.

I read a lot now on my Kindle. However, some things I believe you just need in writing. So you can underline them and, really, truly, let it resonate so yesterday days was pretty powerful actually skipped yesterday. Woke up a little late slept right through the alarm (yes I am human) today I am starting new and fresh. Yesterday’s was discovering people’s truth strengths. We need to commit to helping your people recognize their strengths, with a full assessment on how to do that and today’s was share a secret with someone, share what’s stirring within you today to make a meaningful connection.

I need a bigger tribe. Why do I need a tribe? Because my first thought on sharing a secret with somebody is other than my husband and my leadership on my team. I don’t know who to call and share a secret with got a lot of great people in my world, I love dearly.

Praying for that, and discovery on who to share a secret with today. Sharing a secret with someone is really a matter of two things, reading the context of a situation and desiring to build up the other person. If you do those two things you can still learn the skill.

My morning routines are super important right now. I am going to go wake my husband up, it’s 5:30am him and spend time together before the sunrises. We normally walk a few miles and it gives us just a really great time to connect. So that’s the start of my day. It allows us to go straight to work, and I believe you need to get in the right mindset to also have the best day possible.

Have a great day!

And remember failure is not an option.

Believe in yourself.


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