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Super proud of my amazing team


Super proud of my amazing team. 49 units closed in December. 599 units for 2019. 135,969,927 in volume. So many lives impacted. Can’t wait to see what 2020 brings.

Griffin Group

Julie Swain

Chris McLaughlin

Gary Keller

thank you for all guidance. And my awesome coach 

Jeff Glover

Glover U

Kate Simon

My awesome accountability partner 

Jeff Quintin

 affirmation partner 

Ana Milena Vega

and mentors you know who you are. And the most amazing supportive husband a girl could ever have

Sean Griffin

Our leader ship in our administrative support. couldn’t do it without you .

Lucaya Griffith Ruiz

Gracie Obed Chico

Lindsay Davidson

Skye Cherry

the authorChristina
Hi. Here is Christina Griffin. I am from Tampa florida

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