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Today is a new day


Good morning.

Have you ever had one of those days that you woke up, and you feel like you accomplished a lot. However, there are many things that you did not do.

Yesterday, I passed out at eight o’clock in the morning after going constantly since 6am I still woke up at four did my devotional read my leadership book spent time with my husband.

However, I had my first day of juice cleanse.

Today I feel much better. Yesterday I lacked energy. The reason I’m sharing this is there’s many days that you’re going to go to bed, and you’re going to feel like you did not do enough did not accomplish enough, but look at the small things that you did. And the big things that you accomplished. Make sure to write down everything that you want to achieve the very next day and be thankful and grateful for what you did accomplish.

Every morning I make my version of Bullet proof coffee

I had many breakthroughs.

Many disruptive things.

And my incredible daughter cooked dinner.

I wake up this morning, fully focused on the things that I need to accomplish to impact my family and my team, several miles of cardio already accomplished with hubby and rocking my new fanny pack.

I am learning that each and every day. You can choose to grow personally and professionally, or not.

Who is in your world. That helps push you and make you better.

I am learning a lot from some incredible podcast and my awesome coaches.

This is a great podcast I have been listening to daily.

Below are some highlights and impactful things I learned in the last 30 days.

Courageous Leadership Simply Means I’ve Developed: 

1. Convictions that are stronger than my fears. 

2. Vision that is clearer than my doubts.

3. Spiritual sensitivity that is louder than popular opinion. 

4. Self-esteem that is deeper than self-protection. 

5. Appreciation for discipline that is greater than my desire for leisure. 

6. Dissatisfaction that is more forceful than the status quo. 

7. Poise that is more unshakeable than panic. 

8. Risk taking that is stronger than safety seeking. 

9. Right actions that are more robust than rationalization. 

10. A desire to see potential reached more than to see people appeased. 

COVID is getting worse in our area. Stay safe.

However, I’m working on staying strong and building my immunity.

Juice cleanse started yesterday from

What are some things that you do to help yourself personally and professionally each and every day.What are you grateful for?

Below is a post I shared with my team this morning.

Team – i wanted to share some encouragement

Thank you everyone you responded..

I have more I will be sharing in the coming days.

Wins can be huge or things in our life we are thankful for.

Lets take time today to think about the things we are grateful for.

Take time today to thank people you are grateful for.

Example below.

I went for a walk.

Dental procedures are done.

I have a game night with my family.

My listing sold.

My family is healthy.

My spouse has been a great kindergarten teacher for my son at home.

My kids swam in the pool all day.

Church had a great service online.

We sold alot of houses.

3 new leads sources.

I wrote 10 hand written cards.

My daughter cooked dinner and hubby cleaned up..

What are you grateful for?

Strive to Thrive, Not Just Survive

“Whatever you want to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.” – Doris Lessing

​The pandemic has forced us to question everything about our business.

​Now is the time redefine your business to succeed in response to our new reality.

But there is a silver lining, if you have confidence in the things that you are doing it will eventually become easier.

Today is Viktor Pham birthday!

Jane Mak replied to your text message:
I sold a listing in 2 hours…lol and staying focused on listings

Nicole Williams replied to your text message:
Good morning! I would have to say my win is staying focus on time blocking/ my calendar. Personal win, yesterday our church served the community with backpacks, supplies and school physicals.💕

Victoria Miley replied to your text message:
A professional win for me would be joining a great new team! I need the most help with converting leads and writing correct contracts

Bill Mitchem replied to your text message:
My wife has many friends in the medical field. I always get the real estate questions when we go out with her coworkers. I enjoy talking about real estate so don’t mind. Well 3 years one of her friends said she was going to do travel nursing and save money. A few weeks ago she called and said I am ready Bill. I really enjoy helping first time home buyers and guiding them. After a few showing we made an offer and now she is on her way to being a home owner.

Dale Crafts
Thanks for reaching out. Excited for our training in August.

Cheesette Cowan has a book launching and just got back from vacation. We also had a great Bible study on Monday.

Jamie Adair bought a boat and launch a gratitude challenge with his tribe.

Trillany Jacobson replied to your text message:
Good morning! I’m very happy to be part of the Griffin Team, so that’s my most recent professional accomplishment. I intend to dive in to all of the resources you’ve compiled for your team members’ success. Thank you so much for all of the help and opportunities for growth and success. I feel a little overwhelmed with absorbing everything all at once so would like your and Bo’s help to identify one area that I can hone in on to get me started. On a personal front, my oldest is leaving for college on the 15th and I’m very proud of her and where she’s going and look forward to continuing to support her but from afar. 💗💕

Robin Kovath Svoboda I received a list thing from my sphere of influence, in my neighborhood. I knew the seller was moving to the Orlando area and I asked if I could represent him when he purchased new construction, I would give him a 1% discount on his listing fees. When he booked a new construction he listed me as his agent on a $523,000 sale. Also on the listing I did a community ice cream truck for the open house last weekend. That day I receive a private message from a neighbor who is in the military and just received his orders. He asked that I list his home. Triple Crown last week.

I think we have amazing resources and training within the Griffin Group and Keller Williams. My focus is the social media training with Katie Lance and doing distressed math training program with you.

Have a great evening.

Marta Ramos Mercado replied to your text message:
My win is joining this team! I feel like I’ve been pulled out of the rut I was in. The onboarding has been great and I’m loving the training and how it’s set up. For the first time I have a clear view of where I’m going with my business and it is so exciting! Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging. Loving the good vibes🥰

You can do anything you put your mind to!

Love you dearly.

Christina Griffin

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