If you’re an agent in need of some great deals, try these three resources.

Throughout my career, I have personally sold more than 4,000 distressed properties. What’s my secret? Today I’ll share three resources to help agents get back into action and ultimately make more money.

1. Auction.com. This site is an amazing resource. All you have to do is enter your county or state into the search tab and click foreclosures under the “Asset Type” menu. This is a quick way to get a glimpse of everyone in your area who has a foreclosure sale date.

2. RoadWarrior. This app will quickly and effectively create a route for you between all the foreclosure homes you find, saving you time and a lot of headaches.

“DealMachine is a quick, easy, and powerful tool to have in your arsenal.”

3. DealMachine. This app will help you track the homes you find, making it easier for you to “drive for dollars.” That’s the technique where you are constantly looking in your area for vacant or distressed homes to buy. Investors do this all the time to great success. If you don’t get to a certain area during one of your sweeps, the app will remember where you left off so that you don’t end up driving down a street you’ve already scouted. The app also allows you to instantly pull up information about the homeowner of a property, and you can even start a mailer campaign directly to them. DealMachine is a quick, easy, and powerful tool to have in your arsenal.

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