Here’s just a small portion of what you’ll learn in our MAPS course.

I would love for you to join our MAPS course. We’re a few weeks into it, but you have plenty of time to join. Today I’m sharing a few things we’ll cover in the course that you’ll be able to implement into your market. It’s all about the data; if we understand the data potentials that may impact our prospecting, the possibilities are endless.

Feel free to watch the video above as I quickly show you how to pull data from MAPS for whatever you need. Using Chicago, Illinois as an example, I can pull up properties that have liens on them, homes in bankruptcy, properties in probate, homes in pre-foreclosure, etc. In our course, I’ll show you how to pull all this information and much more from your market. When you see how easy it is to access all kinds of data, you’ll have the right messages to get more clients.

I’ll teach you how to expand your mindset and business. Join our MAPS course to open up an array of opportunities for yourself!