Interviewing Vana on her lead generation and conversion strategy.

Today I’m interviewing Vana so she can tell us about how she’s built her business. If you are trying to build your investing database, there isn’t a better person to talk to in the world. Vana specializes in converting for-rent-by-owner properties into long-term clients, and her results speak for themselves. Today, we’ll discuss how she grows her database, how she finds her best leads, and how you can follow in her footsteps.

Feel free to watch the full message above or use these timestamps that will direct you to various points in the video.

0:00 — Intro

0:30 — The biggest lead source

2:50 — Cold calls and door-knocking

5:10 — Call scripts

6:45 — Developing rapport with clients

9:00 — Investor meetings

11:00 — Wrapping up

If you would like to learn more about converting for-rent-by-owner properties, click here to register for my upcoming class on the topic. We’ll go into way more detail than we were able to today, so you won’t want to miss out. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to call or email me. I look forward to hearing from you!