Discover actionable real estate tips that can elevate your career.

Are you ready to take action, make money, and get back to real estate basics? In this quick guide, we’ll share three valuable tips to help you kickstart your real estate endeavors.

1. Use for foreclosure insights. is a fantastic resource for real estate professionals. Start by visiting the website and entering your county or state in the search tab. Then, navigate to the “asset type” section and select “foreclosure homes.” This simple step allows you to quickly identify all the properties in your area with impending foreclosure sale dates. These distressed property owners are potential clients who may need your expertise.

2. Streamline your property visits with apps. Efficiency is key in real estate. To save time and streamline your property visits, consider using two helpful apps: Road Warrior and Deal Machine. Road Warrior efficiently maps out the best routes to visit multiple properties in your area. It’s a time-saving tool that minimizes headaches.

Deal Machine, on the other hand, helps you track the homes you visit and connect with homeowners, even if they’re not home. It offers an effective mailer feature for quick communication. When you’re out and about, always keep extra letters or door hangers handy.

“These quick tips are designed to help you take proactive steps in your real estate career.”

3. Drive for dollars. “Driving for dollars” is a tried-and-true strategy used by real estate investors. The concept is simple: drive through neighborhoods and identify potential investment opportunities. Look for vacant or neglected houses that could be wholesaled, sold as a real estate agent, or developed for profit.

You can easily track your driving routes with the app and ensure you cover new ground each time. If you prefer, you can even delegate this task to an assistant, allowing them to prospect on your behalf.

These quick tips are designed to help you take proactive steps in your real estate career. Whether you’re identifying distressed properties, streamlining your property visits, or prospecting through “driving for dollars,” it’s time to put your real estate knowledge into action. For more insights and resources, please reach out to me via phone or email.