Join my new course to learn how to find lots of off-market properties.

How many buyers do you have that you can’t find a home for? Inventory is a solvable problem. You just need to understand where to find opportunities. Last year, about every seventh home sale was to an investor in America’s top metropolitan areas. These properties are selling off-market.

Lack of inventory in the market is the issue, so I’ll show you how to solve the problem. Join the course I just launched. I’ll give you strategies to find off-market listings and fully dominate any avenue of the distressed real estate market, no matter what asset class you work in. I’ll show you where we can find inventory and how easy it can be. I’ll give you strategies that could help when you can’t find properties for a buyer. There are over 120 different data types that I’ll show you how to cross-reference to narrow down the list. 

“Lack of inventory in the market is the issue.”

As an example, in Orlando, the listing everybody wants is 4+ bedrooms, 2,000+ square feet, a 10,000+ square feet lot, newer than 1990, has a pool and a garage, isn’t on the MLS, and hasn’t sold in the last two years, is under $400,000. There are only 284 homes that fit those criteria without including foreclosures, liens, HOA issues, etc

I’ll show you how to find homes that fit your buyer’s criteria and give you a plan on what to say, how to say it, and how to find phone numbers. I’ll give you example letters, door hangers, and a foolproof way to tell sellers that you have a buyer. Costing only about a dollar a door, these multiple touches will pay for themselves with one listing, and they could result in multiple listings. You’re going to be able to represent the seller and the buyer. I hope you join me in our upcoming course.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me by phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you.