Here’s how relocation business can be a huge boon to your career.

Today I’m pleased to be speaking with someone who’s a real game changer: Leah McCann, a Keller Williams team leader from Southwest Florida. I’ll ask her all about her career and how relocation referrals kick-started her business. 

Leah got started in real estate just about 10 years ago, but she wasn’t always with KW. She started as an independent agent, then slowly built a small team around her family members. That’s when she had the privilege of meeting Liz Parker, a relocation agent who opened up a huge new avenue of business for her.

“Relocation business helped Leah stop losing out to bigger brands. ”

Being a new agent was a little scary at first, especially since Leah wasn’t a Southwest Florida native. While she was getting her feet wet, she felt like she kept losing business to bigger brands. That’s why Liz was so important to her success. People move to Southwest Florida all the time, so relocation could be a reliable and lucrative source of business. 

According to Leah, one of the best parts of the relocation business is that it’s a partnership with another agent. The handoff of the transaction was warm, and both sides benefited. It’s also a great way to meet agents across the country and grow your agent-to-agent referral business. 

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