How KW Relocation can help you grow your real estate business.

Today, I’m continuing my discussion with Leah McCann. If you haven’t already, check out the first part of our conversation here. Previously, we discussed how Leah got started in the relocation side of real estate and how it jump-started her career. In this part, we’ll discuss why relocation business is so important and how Keller Williams agents can take advantage of it. 

If you’re unsure about relocation business, consider this: most agents and brokerages pay for cold leads. Leads are the lifeblood of any successful real estate business, but there’s no guarantee those leads will pan out. On the other hand, relocation business is all about the warm handoff from one agent to the next. In other words, instead of a cold, awkward, and impersonal interaction that might not go anywhere, you get a warm introduction that has a much higher conversion rate.

“Leah is living proof that relocation business can be the key to taking your business to the next level.”

In Southwest Florida, the truth is that there are a lot of relocators. In fact, many employers around here already participate in corporate relocation programs. Without a partnership like KW Relocation, even if you have a close relationship with a client, there’s no guarantee they’ll work with you on their move.

Many agents aren’t aware that they can stay in business with clients who are moving if they work with KW Relocation. We want to be the best relocation company in the world, but to do that, our agents need to know that we’re here to help them get more business. Leah is living proof that relocation business can be the key to taking your business to the next level.

If you have questions about KW Relocation or anything else, please call or email me. I am always willing to help.